Eye Screenings

Joel Porter, M.D.

Glaucoma and cataracts can form at any age. Prevent the start of irreversible blindness with an eye screening to determine where your eye health stands.

After your screening, if it is determined that you are at risk for development of glaucoma and/or cataracts, Dr. Porter will treat your eyes in an effort to keep the glaucoma and/or cataracts under control and to retain as much vision as possible.

If your family has a history of glaucoma, you should get screened regularly …

The recommended intervals for glaucoma eye screenings are:

  • Age 20-29: Every three to five years. Others should have an eye exam at least once during this period.
  • Age 30-39: Every two to four years. Others should have an eye exam at least twice during this period.
  • Age 40-64: Every two to four years.
  • Age 65 or older: Every one to two years

Having a screening can save your eyesight …
A developing cataract will not have many symptoms. If you begin to experience any of the following symptoms, please call Dr. Porter at 856-488-4404 to schedule your screening.

  • Blurred or double vision, view ghost images or have the sensation of a “film” being over your eye
  • Light levels seem dim during reading or working close-up or strong light is overpowering
  • Your vision does not improve after you change your eye prescription
  • You see a milky or yellowish spot on your pupil

If any such conditions are left untreated, glaucoma and cataracts can eventually cause blindness or severe vision impairment. Call 856-488-4404 to schedule your screening with Dr. Porter today!